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  • WHO AM I?

    World class mountain & polar researcher, inspirational speaker & scientist.


    Heidi builds science leadership & visibility.

    She facilitates resilience thinking & science discovery. She connects people & helps cultivate curiosity.


    Resilience depends on people, valuing places & science discovery.


    One of the world's premier mountain and polar scientists & an advocate for science discovery, Dr. Heidi's message is highly relevant, inspirational and, most importantly, actionable.

  • Heidi's Research

    Facilitating science discovery through stories and dialogue about our changing world

    Mountain & Arctic Science

    Colorado & Beyond

    Heidi is a mountain and Arctic scientist. She thrives in cold places. She studies how snow affects the ebbs and flows of our world and how this affects our well-being as people. She chases seasons across elevations and latitude.


    Her work shows how mountains provide water from melting snow, how plants adapt and change in the face of different seasons, and how critical snow and water are to plant growth and carbon storage in the Arctic. Tucked away in plants and soil, these carbon and water stores are essential to our world's carbon balance and water resources and our resilience as people.


    As an researcher in the world's remote places, it is her mission to help others learn from these places by sharing their important stories in our rapidly changing world. Her research provides a powerful foundation to understand the changes in our world.

    Homeward Bound


    Heidi had the privilege of participating in the prestigious 2016 Homeward Bound expedition, the largest all-female expedition to Antarctica to date. This global leadership initiative for women in science is designed to encourage us to look at our planet as our global home and treat is as such.


    When she was selected, she wanted to learn how to be more effective as a leader. She thrives on finding ways to foster dialogue that leads to a kinder world. On this journey, Heidi met women from around the world with similar purpose. She tapped into the great awakening in science discovery and engagement on this journey. Today, she feels that we all have much in common, we can all connect to the planet and each other, even in remote and snowy places in the world. She is one of the new voices rising up to provide the leadership needed in our world and inspire us all to act.


    Learn more about Homeward Bound

    Science Communications

    Courage & Truth

    She goes where others don’t go, and is bravely working to say what others aren’t saying about science, leadership and climate change. Heidi's research has been published in Nature and featured in the media, including the New York Times.


    Heidi's scientific research and explorations are the foundation for the stories she tells;
    science-based stories about inherent connections between people and the world's changing places.


    The level and rate of the environmental changes she studies are alarming, yet solutions exist to reverse warming, slow the rate of change, and foster dialogue among diverse sectors and peoples. It's a call to speak up, ask questions, engage.


    Heidi starts these conversations and many more, moves them forward and helps people connect. She is a speaker, teacher and facilitator and helps teach others how to lead in these changing times.

  • Heidi's experience in science is unique. She travels to far off mountain tops when snow still covers the land. She heads to polar latitudes in Alaska, Greenland, and Antarctica to experience and document the changes in our world. These remote places may seem disconnected from our homes. Yet, what happens there affects our world profoundly. People and place are interconnected. These are places many won't see, but are vital to us all.



    Heidi is one of the new voices sharing the value of science, curiosity, and leadership in our world

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